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...thru Film...


to Ignite Our Awakening

Standing at the edge of the world as we know it 

is no longer a topic of mere fiction... 

This is our real-life quest! 

The ways of humanity have broken open, globally,

leaving cracks of opportunity for new light to

shine through our ideas, actions, and relationships,

as we re-create the structures of our world.

Particularly at this stage of evolutionary chaos,

film can have tremendous power to

awaken the Human Spirit and, thereby, catalyze

a quantum leap into our higher human potential.

We are a species capable of living in far greater peace,

 joy, and shared abundance than we have yet to realize.

It is our intrinsic nature to have access to these qualities.

Almost universally, we dream of a more

humane and harmonious co-existence

upon this glorious garden planet.

...That dream may seem so far out of reach...

but it lies right within our hearts, sometimes as an ache.

For humanity to emerge into a brighter day, we need creative

solutions that extend beyond the limits of the doubts imposed on our imaginations. Beyond these doubts is our real power.

As we awaken to that power, we can change our world.

Maybe we need to "see it" imaginally in order to  

whole-heartedly believe in what is possible.
Perhaps once we reach a critical threshold of vividly sensing 'the possible' in our mind's eye, then we will 

be able to create it tangibly, on real ground, together. 



Jenna Darko currently has projects in the works

in both fiction and documentary genres,

to ignite our awakening and accelerate inspired action. 

Network connections, production talent, interested actors,

and investors are warmly welcomed to connect!

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