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The mythical phoenix represents the celebration of our undying, unbreakable spirit, through the refining fires of life.
Its essence emerges anew, as light championing its way through the darkness,
arising out of the ashes of its former self into a glorious rebirth. A journey of magnificence, untouched by the inferno.
The Path of the Phoenix allows all that no longer serves to burn away in order to transform into a higher expression of Being.
This is an individual journey. This is the journey of humanity. This is a planetary journey. This is our journey.



entails two linked branches
to foster individual and collective healing and arising:


Golden Globes Black bckgrnd_4 Earthviews

The Imagination-Realm of The Phoenix Rose Film Series offers a new mythos to live by in these pivotal times.

Humanity is being served a series of wake-up calls, though the cries of Mother Earth and our earthly kindred. And yet, we are having difficulty rousing our full faculties for thriving. Using the power of special effects on the big screen, characters and storylines will illustrate and illuminate the ordinarily unseen dynamics underlying the dual-process of healing and awakening - at individual, societal, species-wide, and planetary levels. The aim is to re-orient humanity to an evolutionary view of the nature and purpose of our existence, which is to know ourselves as the divine, conscious universe experiencing itself through our eyes, ears, hands, hearts, and voices. Such a viewpoint can bring clarity to how we can fulfill our universal purpose (of awakening to this indwelling spirit of Love) and our individual purposes (of sharing our unique gifts). This awakening and purpose-filled living can lead people to peace and joy, uplift communities into harmony and abundance, and transform the planet into a whole new vitality through re-genesis.
The goal of this fantasy-fiction film series is to inspire, scaffold, and resource the real-life developments of: 

The Tangible-Creation Branch of The Phoenix Rose Project, for the creation of a network of trauma-informed physical spaces and social structures, in support of individual, collective, and global healing and awakening to ignite a Culture of Peace.

Given the extent to which ecological and political crises are dangerously flaring in conjunction with widespread human exhaustion and exasperation, perhaps there has never been a time when we have been more in need of addressing the pervasive impact of personal, ancestral, and cultural trauma. Hand-in-hand with addressing trauma is a regaining of our connection with the deepest aspect of ourselves, our connections with one another, and our interconnectedness with Mother Earth as the great stewardess of our divine human potential. 

Together, these Imaginal and Tangible Visionary Endeavors strive to move our civilizations in the direction of healing, awakening, and conscious evolution. The goal is to work on building actual grounds for conscious ways of life to flourish, and for this to be done simultaneous with the production of high-quality, mythically inspirational films. This joint effort can make it possible for people to walk out of the movies into an actual world where the ideas radiating in the hearts of viewers can make their way into our real lives. This can all occur with a high magnitude of efficiency and effectiveness brought on by the momentous power of a shared imagination for "how things could be", IF we apply our best efforts in the face of the challenges and opportunities presented to our civilizations and dream a new world into existence.

These labors are motivated by the hope that future generations of all kinds, including the 2-leggeds, 4-leggeds, the winged ones, crawling ones, swimming ones, the rooted ones, solid ones, porous ones, the spore-filled ones, and the shimmering ones, will be able to look back and know that: when the human family faced a cross-roads in their walk upon the face of the Earth, enough people chose Love to make all the difference in the world. 

We Hope You Will Join Us!
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