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The Gene Keys Approach

A Guided Spiritual Path

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What Are The Gene Keys?

The Gene Keys are living wisdom, with insights gained as we cultivate the inner journey supported by a beautiful body of work that can act as a map-in-hand, brought into our world as a synthesis of spiritual knowledge by the Gene Keys founder, Richard Rudd.

This system, which combines contemplation and lived experience, is called the Gene Keys because as we walk the path of our own lives, certain gateways of our biochemical and epigenetic composition can be unlocked in the domains of living our purpose, cultivating love, and serving the world with our gifts.

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Gene Keys Guidance

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Jenna Darko, PhD

Gene Keys Guide and Affiliate

Jenna Darko is a Gene Keys Guide and Affiliate, living a life of contemplation along the Golden Path since she found the Gene Keys in the spring of that pivotal year, 2020. She has taken Deep Dive programs directly hosted by Richard Rudd and the Gene Keys Team as a way to explore life purpose, love, and prosperity. She has also completed the Gene Keys Guide Certification program out of her love for what the Gene Keys approach and community has brought to her, thus desiring to share it with others.


Jenna's special twist in what she contributes to the Gene Keys community is her application of Gene Keys wisdom to our relationships with companion animals, as they are also living expressions of the 64 Ways of Change as these facets act in their consciousness and life events. She applies the lens of the Gene Keys with humans and with humans interested in exploring their lives in relationship with their animal kin. 

These Gene Keys Explorations with Animal Kin feature prominently in the Phoenix Rose Film Series she is currently writing, Programs and Links

Explore the Gene Keys using Jenna Darko's affiliate links. 

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