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Several years ago, I sat on a meditation cushion at 

mindfulness teacher training, listening to the echo

of a question posed in the opening circle:

"Why are you here?" ...

Ten days later, an answer emerged, as if

all my life had culminated in a jewel of awareness.

These words sang their affirmation to me, as they crossed my lips and almost surprised my own ears: 

"I am here for the Love of Truth,

and the Truth of Love." 


That response has been with me ever since.

Perhaps it resonates with you too. While this landed  personally, and has become a guiding light in my life,
it also struck me as a universal beacon for us all.


Such crystal clarity has sharpened the focus of my
"life work", which I summarize
as a three-fold quest of:
Awakening the Human Spirit to our role in 
an emergent 
New Story built upon the power of Love, 
so that we can collectively ignite the 

Evolution of Our Humanity for the good of all.

In accord with that visionary impulse, and via deep listening, I have accepted to the call to create an
Film Series that can deliver a New Mythos from the
loving Heart of our World to the aching hearts of people everywhere. And, to build on-the-ground networks for cultivating conscious spaces, so that the collective dream for a more beautiful world can truly be brought to life.

Are you with me?

Pink Flower


Through all epochs of time, what we call "the world" has been co-created by its inhabitants, with ancestral threads weaving their way across oceans, mountains, valleys, and continents. We have come to a point of being aware of one another across the entire globe, knowing the tapestry of the current living-generation as one whole-Earth family.


We continuously generate, fracture, and heal our world.

What is asking to be enlivened or mended by you?
Where does your contribution fit into the constellation of humanity? What can you offer our life-giving planet?

As we journey through inevitable light and darkness

of this life, it is vital to remember that it is up to each of us to cultivate ease and joy in being alive together,

Here and Now. We are sustained by each other's kindness. We are the answers to each other's questions.


I look forward to meeting you as a fellow traveler in

this incredible adventure of humanity's arising.

We each have a role to play, in awakening together.


Above Portrait Photo Credit: Sweet Light Studio

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