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The Phoenix Rose Series


Ignited by personal and planetary crises, an unexpected assortment of friends with intertwined lives from the six habitable continents travel through supernatural realms to explore the hidden workings of life's mysteries.


They accept the call to become Warriors of Light at the leading edge of a quantum leap in the evolution of the human race becoming a species that knows how to walk together in peace.


They discover the beauty of the unified Heart of the World, thereby unlocking secrets of the Universe, bringing hope to humanity and to Mother Earth.


The Phoenix Rose Series is situated boldly in the context of our real-world, without shrinking back from the dire circumstances we face globally. Likewise, it fully embraces the brightness of hope for the human potential to emerge and for the planet to flourish.


The ambition of this series is to inspire us, in these current times, to rally our individual and collective strength to join together to rise up like the Phoenix from the ash. The story arcs hold deep acknowledgement that we are facing multiple real-life situations equal in severity to highly dramatic fiction stories AND we have tremendous opportunity to emerge from the refining fire of the current dystopian crises into a much Brighter Day. 

The Chinese symbol for Crisis has two characters. One depicting danger; the other indicating opportunity. We shall dive into both, fearlessly and faithfully, throughout the series in order to highlight the urgency of our predicaments and to ignite the energy of transformation into our higher human potential. 

This higher potential for humanity and for the whole Earth has been held as a promise within the mythos of many cultures and generations. The Phoenix Rose Series coalesces a unified view of the prophetic call towards making the collective Dream of World Peace a lived reality, with catalyzing power for the tangible realization of what has been foretold in myriad cultural stories since the beginning of Time.


The Phoenix Rose Series reveals principles of quantum mechanics as they converge with several millennia of the world's spiritual teachings regarding how it is we co-create our world, either in slumber or awareness. In other words, in Darkness or in the Light. This can serve to encourage the human heart that we indeed can meet these current times with Wisdom and Love sufficient to change everything.

By bringing these principles to life on the big screen, the Phoenix Rose Series can instruct viewers that now is the time we have been waiting for and that we are the ones we have been waiting for. And that there is reason to celebrate the impending Great Turning of Times which we can unlock as we come to understand the truth of who we are, why we are here, and what is our higher potential. That all centers on the Power of Love. This series will illuminate what that power is, the quantum mechanics of how it functions, how we can harness it for great healing, and thus how we can create a more beautiful world as has been held as our deepest dream within the collective psyche. This series serves as a beacon of hope for that Dream being ripe to burst forth.

Story arcs will teach about the process of synchronicities and principle of coherence as characters are guided by a conscious universe for how to make life their choices and how this generates ripples within the Field of Potential for what we manifest as a lived reality, moment by moment. 

Special effects will demonstrate how the dance of Light and Darkness is found both within us and reflected in the outer world. And how this dance of the Light and the Dark is constantly shaping our outer reality, as a reflection of inner neuro-scientific processes nested in a cosmic intelligence. And how this is the manner of how matter is enlivened by Spirit within an increasingly Self-Aware Universe living through us, for us, as us.


The Phoenix Rose Series takes us through a progressive journey of healing, awakening, and arising  at the levels of the individual in a matrix of relationships, cultures and communities, the human family, and the planetary whole.


Main themes center on Darkness and Light (aka slumber and awareness, or unconsciousness and consciousness, or ignorance and truth), fragmentation and whole-sum-ness, past and potential. All to reveal the dance of how non-love can be returned to Love, through the power of the Heart. And to invite all of humanity to stand in the knowing of these underpinnings of our experience of life as the key to unlocking ourselves from the chains of division, greed and fear, which have caused much suffering, into the freedom of living increasingly together in True Human form, as Love embodied. 


Characters in the Phoenix Rose Series fall into two categories: 1) those living in the Ordinary Earth-Realm; and 2) those abiding in the Unseen Realms, occupying stations spanning from the hellacious to the heavenly.

The Ordinary Earth-Realm characters are based in real life figures, varying from living famous to entirely pedestrian lives. Hailing from all 6 habitable continents, and representing millennia of timeframe, their journeys are woven together by various threads of experience and synchronicity. Together, they hold hands across many seeming divisions in this world, including ethnicity, gender, social status, ideology, species, and nation.

Some characters from the Unseen Realms portray the holders of the ancestral twine that binds us together as an intergenerational humanity. Others enact facets and characteristics of the collective human mind, such as greed, hatred, valor, compassion, and justice, akin to the gods and goddesses in mythic lore. 

All of these figures collide in various vignettes, which showcase the intricate Weaving of the Web of Life in a manner that casts clear light on that which is universal and shared in the human journey. Told from the vantage point of a handful of particular characters who have been brought together with their own stories, these vignettes summarize the history we've walked together over eons, ask us to reckon with the history we have laid as traces in the sands of our collective memory, from the viewpoint of the Herstory of the Mother Earth who knows us all as Her Children, to enchant us with the possibilities of Ourstory yet to come.

To imagine the vibe of The Phoenix Rose, think of the 2006 Academy Award Winning film Crash, with a Matrix twist and Interstellar flare, set in a sci-fi superhero-esque genre, grounded in biographical non-fiction.


The aim is to incline the mind towards the profound understanding that THIS is US, in an era filled with both treacherous and tremendously beautiful potential, as we face critical choice-points that tip us towards fates along various timeline potentials wherein we are all constantly co-creating together amidst our ordinary lives which are upheld by unseen forces of Darkness and Light.

Story Threads

Episode One storylines are spun out of the real lives of today's generation as individuals meet one another on their path of life via synchronistic alignments. Together, this collection of friends embody journeys through several major themes afflicting our societies today, finding love and friendship to be a healing balm as they rise through the ashes of their trials and tribulations.

Episode Two stories arcs into the near and far historical past, illuminating the intergenerational ties amongst us and capturing past-life traces of memory held as resonance or recognition of members of various soul-tribes coming together. They tend to unfinished energies related to the brokenness of the world in order to bring healing and new learning forward in the arising of humanity out of the patriarchy and into recognition that we are all One when it comes to living upon the Earth in a time of great paralysis and peril.

Episode Three taps into storylines of ancient cultures up to our present day, as they have been witnessed by Mother Earth and all of her Children who begin to recognize their True Kinship with one another, inviting humankind to remember and return to their place in the Circle of Life. 

Episode Four weaves a tale of possibilities for Ourstory yet to be told, from the vantage point of the Unseen Realms as the Earth steps into her Crowning Achievement as a Cosmic Citizen hosting a World at Peace, with all life flourishing upon this Garden Planet in the great beauty of knowing its own divinity. 

Episode I:  

The Phoenix Rose: his story, her story

A story of individual arising and healing through Life's Curriculum, which invites everyone to know their core Self as the Light of the World, as Love embodied, through a dance of fragmentation, leading us to the remembrance of our wholeness.

I was messing around in my dorm and came

Episode II:  

She Is Flame: history, herstory

A story that illuminates the collective power of tending to the portion of Cosmic Pain that we each carry with the spark of compassionate Light that resides within all of us, as a means of healing the ancestral scar tissue that canvases the whole world.

Flame_sparks_free download_edited_edited

Episode III:  

The Promised Rose: their stories

A story of humanity maturing enough to honor the unified Light within all beings as the foundation for building true Civilizations, in recognition of the power each individual holds for generating war or peace, at home as well as across the face of the lands.

“Darling, Je Aime Beaucoup”_edited.jpg

Episode IV:  

From Embers to Gold: ourstory

A story told from the supernatural realm's viewpoint of planetary transformation into a New Earth - a renewal of this Garden Planet as the outward manifestation of humanity’s awakening to its own inner Light. After millions of years, Earth witnesses her children living in the Love, Peace, Joy,  Beauty, and Abundance that is their birthright, but first the Children of Earth must rise up from the ashes of their forgetfulness to realize what they are truly capable of.

Embers to Gold.jpeg

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