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We are undoubtedly living in turbulent times. Our societies and our planet are facing multiple crises, calling

us to come swiftly to our senses. Fortunately, there exists within us a powerful root source of wisdom for responding to every circumstance we face. 

That power is found within the Human Spirit.

It is the Essence of that Spirit - once sufficiently awakened within us - that can empower personal and cultural healing and transformation. Through the Awakened Spirit, we can recognize the Oneness of all life and act from the clarity of that precious, multifaceted yet unified jewel of Awareness, for the benefit of all. 

True Inner Peace is the Only Possible Foundation for World Peace.

As we awaken to the presence of inner peace, our hearts become one with the Heart of the World. In this way, the wondrous power of Love can be enlivened in every corner of existence - through our hands, our eyes and ears, through our voices, mindsets, decisions, and deeds. As we awaken to the truth of who we are, we understand that if we cast aspects of ourselves or others out of our heart, that separation keeps us from our sense of true wholeness, a wholeness that is synonymous with the highest meaning of Peace.

As we come to know the Oneness of al life, we would no more harm another than harm ourselves. Reaching out to aid one another becomes as natural as adjusting one's own pillow. Without this recognition, however, we have gone to war for millennia. Stuck in our blindness, we are pushing ourselves to the brink of planetary destruction.
All the while, the door to self-realization is open to us
. It is time for Humankind to wake up!

The time is ripe for the quickening of our spiritual awakening. 

As we awaken, both the unique purposes of our individual lives and the universal purpose of our collective existence are revealed. We become aware that the universal purpose of life is to know ourselves as vessels through which Peace and Love can be embodied and poured out into the world. As spiritual awakening ripples throughout our lives, the unique gifts of individuals, families, organizations, and communities can shine more radiantly into the interactions and circumstances we face, providing tangible solutions to our very real challenges.


As We Awaken, All Things Become Possible. Ancient Promises Ring as Timeless Truth.


The Human Spirit is that aspect of who we are that intuitively leans towards Love, draws on Wisdom, creates with Abundance, and generates in Harmony with the Song of Life. As we awaken that force of genius within ourselves and within our communities, we can be the bringers of the changes we are yearning to see.


We can be the builders of Conscious Civilizations. That is, civilizations fit to support our evolution into our higher humanity, based on our true and essential nature as conscious beings - as the Light of the World. In rich diversity, we can work towards the same cause of co-creating a more beautiful, joyful, peaceful, compassionate, abundant, just, healthy, sustainable, loving world for all of us to inhabit and enjoy together.  

"I used to think the top environmental problems were

biodiversity loss, ecosystem collapse and climate change.

I thought that with 30 years of good science we could address these problems.

But I was wrong. The top environmental problems are selfishness, greed and apathy,

and to deal with those we need a spiritual and cultural transformation,

and we scientists don't know how to do that."

~James Gustave Speth

Through the Awakened Human Spirit we can become writers of a New Human Story.

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