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The Phoenix Rose Series 

written by Jenna Vieve Darko 

A New Mythology to Awaken the Human Spirit as the Foundation for our Evolving Humanity


Ignited by personal and planetary crises, an unexpected assortment of friends with intertwined lives from the six habitable continents travel through supernatural realms to explore the hidden workings of life's mysteries. They discover the beauty of the unified Heart of the World,
thereby unlocking secrets of the Universe, bringing hope to humanity and to Mother Earth. They accept the call to become Warriors of Light at the leading edge of a quantum leap in the evolution of the human race becoming a speices that knows how to walk together in peace. 

Episode I:  

The Phoenix Rose: his story, her story. 
A story of individual arising and healing through Life's Curriculum,
which invites everyone to know their core self as the Light of the World, as Love embodied, through a dance of opposites leading us to the remembrance of our wholeness.

Episode II:  

She Is Flame: history, herstory. 
A story that illuminates the collective power of tending to the portion of Cosmic Pain that we each carry with the spark of compassionate Light that resides within all of us, as a means of healing the ancestral scar tissue that canvases the whole world.

Episode III:  

The Promised Rose: their stories. 
A story of humanity maturing enough to honor the unified Light 
within all beings as the foundation for building true Civilizations, in recognition of the power each individual holds for generating war
or peace, at home as well as across the face of the lands.

Episode IV:  

From Embers to Gold: ourstory. 
A story told from the supernatural realm's viewpoint of planetary 
transformation into a New Earth - a renewal of this Garden Planet as the outward manifestation of humanity’s awakening to its own inner Light. After millions of years, Earth witnesses her children living in the Love, Peace, Joy, and Abundance that is their birthright, but first the Children of Earth must rise up from the ashes of their forgetfulness to remember what they are truly capable of.

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tfilm development.

Check out The Phoenix Rose Project

a real-world development inspired by the  

real-life muses for characters in the films.

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Science and Spirit of Equus

by Jenna Darko, Melanie Cropp, et al.

A docu-series exploring how equine wisdom can guide us along a path

of presence, revealing keys to greater inner peace and world peace.


Science and Spirit of Equus dives into our universal longing for inner peace and the collective dream for greater world peace.
The Science of Equanimity meets the
Spirit of Equus, highlighting powerful wisdom horses offer humanity in our quest to create a
more beautiful world.

Episode 1: 

Episode 2: 

Episode 3: 

Episode 4:

Episode 5:

Episode 6:

Episode 7:

Episode 8:

Inner Peace, World Peace

The Power of Presence

Reining in the Human Mind

Science of Peace & Harmony

Creating Sanctuary

Shifting Our Paradigms

Freedom & Healing

A More Harmonious World

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tfilm development.

Check out the real-world developments for Creating Sanctuary, inspired by the themes underlying the Science and Spirit of Equus Docu-series.


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