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We Find Ourselves as an Entire Humanity in a Sacred Pause.


We are currently situated between an old story, which has enchained us in suffering, and a newly emerging story. That is, a story of our awakening to our capacity for great healing, transformation, and freedom as we come to know ourselves as conscious co-creators of our world. This newly emerging story is not for just a rare few, but for many, indeed for all who heed the call. This is a story of coming to know ourselves as Human Beings at the Heart of a Conscious Universe which is constantly and recursively creating and re-creating itself through the power of the Light of the World. This is a story of re-membering the truth of who and what we are, as One Body of Life learning to reclaim the radiant wholeness within our resplendent diversity, through the elemental nature of everything from atoms to supernovas, with Human Consciousness as the Axis Mundi of it all. 

The Awakened Human Spirit can empower our arising from the ashes of the world as it once was, lifting us to new heights upon the two wings of Wisdom and Compassion. We have a precious opportunity to ignite this story now, in the dark womb of these uncertain times, as a bridge between the old human paradigm and what is yet to come. 

As we begin to awaken, we recognize that the essential spirit of a true Human Being is innately peaceful, joyous, kind, creative, resourceful, playful, generous, responsive, and loving. We then can discern that all departures from those qualities arise from the shadows of our minds, via the storehouse of reactive habits and unhealed wounds of our personal, ancestral, and collective histories. Such shadows can only be cast upon our world due to our sense of separateness, a mere misperception, casting us against ourselves and one another. Nonetheless, as we awaken we
dis-cover that...

An Undivided Luminosity Remains within Us - We Are the Light of the World.

On one side of the coin of human experience, the conditioned, illusory sense of our separateness forms a mistaken identity, departing from who we really are, obscuring and confusing what we are here to be and to become. On the other side of the coin, awakening distills the mind, making clear the contrast of how we have enacted harm, violence, neglect, and destruction, compared to the potential we have as a species to protect, nourish, enrich, and care for one another. As we begin to see clearly, we understand that the most radiant aspect of Being Human is our ability to care for ourselves and all of our kindred species within the wholeness of our inter-being with our cherished, sentient Earth.


An Awakening Mind can look back on history and see how our human patterns have been rooted in trauma, driven by division, and perpetuated through our fragmented sense of the world. As a result of these wounded mindsets, oppression, conquest, hostile competition, marginalization, and reckless consumption have predominated. 

For millennia, societies have operated according to a toxic "power-over-other" paradigm.
In the reality of our wholeness, there are no "others". True power must empower the whole. 

With many millions of people now awakening, we are gaining momentum to shift our ways of relating towards cooperation, sovereignty, and reverence for the preciousness of all life. There is tremendous potential for the maturation of humanity into a peaceful species that knows how to live in wonderful harmony, shared abundance, and true joy.

 As we shake off the dust of our somnolence, we can recognize ourselves

as a global family and step forth into a new paradigm of Honoring All Life. 

While we may not have an exact view as to where we are headed, reviewing the past through the clearer lens of all of us belonging to each other can help us better prioritize the process of tending to the traumas associated with having departed so far from that truth for so long. Such healing will naturally lead to improved alignment with our higher potential, which in turn will lead to an expansion of our ability to answer life's questions with more compassionate responses. This wholeness is not a wishy-washy matter. Nature demonstrates to us the importance of appropriate boundaries and the need to detoxify and balance living systems, prerequisite for thriving. In order to operate in harmony, we will need to be uplifted by a greater wisdom than we have yet learned to live by. Fortunately, it is already within us.

The key is to restore our connectedness within Self, with One Another, and with the Earth​.

To attain what is possible, we must heal what is wounded, mend what is broken, awaken what is slumbering, and organize our societies in accord with the most magnificent truths of existence - that all of life is a unified whole, manifesting in a beautiful array of diversity by the power of inter-being. In so doing, we can fulfill the purpose and promise of our existence. This rests in the paradox of becoming more of that which we already are, by un-becoming

all that we are not. Based on our birthright as Children of the Earth, this planet is blessed with the capacity to meet our every need, insofar as we awaken to that abundance and align our lives accordingly. We have significant rearranging to do! 

We Are Conduits of Living Peace, Love, Joy, and Abundance. We have

falsely taken upon ourselves masks that oppose these inherent qualities.

In acting out of myriad false persona, rather than being in touch with our true essence, we have also been conduits of living war, hatred, depravity, and scarcity. In ignorance, we have chosen too much of the latter for thousands of years. It is time we recognize that the tides will only turn towards world peace if we first turn our hearts towards the Inner Peace which resounds from the core of our Being. By inward glance, we discover that Font of Light, that Higher Consciousness, which calls us Home to the true haven within. From that peaceful core, peace ripples outward.


From beyond this dimension rings out a heartfelt echo from our ancestors as well as a fervent call of our posterity. That is, for us - the living generation - to pivot ourselves towards Love and Beauty, thereby opening a New Era of possibility for what it means to call ourselves Human Beings. We are capable of bridging Heaven and Earth. This promise is to be attained by unifying the Awakened Human Mind with the Illuminated Heart of the World. The individual quest is entangled within a collective process, which we are all in together as one body of humanity, 8 billion strong.


"Oh, friends!

The fact is, that the world is in more need than ever,

of people who have the ability to become

compassionate stewards of humanity's course."

~Jean Houston


As we imagine and express a New Human Story, we will inevitably Evolve Our Humanity.

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