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Earth and Space


The diamond, with its clarity and strength, is considered the crowning achievement of the mineral kingdom. 

The rose, with its beauty and high resonance, is said to be the crowning achievement of the plant kingdom.

The Awakened Human, with illumined Mind, is known as the crowning achievement of the animal kingdom.

Earth Awaits the Next Crowning Achievement

in Life's Progression: an Awakened Community.

By design, as the caterpillar transforms into a butterfly, it goes through a phase within the chrysalis where it is completely undone. Looking at the societal challenges of our time through the lens of Nature having purposefully brought us home to ourselves in 2020, in cocoon-like fashion, reveals to our minds a similar possibility of our 'intelligent undoing'. That is, that our (so-called) civilizations are coming unraveled - with an underlying wisdom - in order for us to emerge into something of far more beauty and grace than we can scarcely yet imagine. 


Within the butterfly-to-be, there are organizational cells with internal instructions for transformation. Once they are ignited, at the proper time and with no turning back, they know how to let go of their old structure and re-position themselves into purposeful new conjunctions with other cells. Working in concert, they develop into an entirely new creation - an entirely new way of being in this world. All these cells have to do is follow their own intelligence and tune into their resonance with other cells. To survive the transition, they must surrender 'what was' into 'what shall be'. In this way, they fulfill their purpose in the greater scheme of the overall whole. These specialized cells within the caterpillar are called "imaginal cells", given that they hold the imagination of the butterfly they will become. We may be wondering at this point, what is humanity to become? Inside of our cells, we already hold intelligent impulses for the future. 

Now, we can merely imagine ourselves as a Human Race lifted upon the Wings of Peace. 


Yet, we have an undeniable 'knowing' of such a potential held inside of us. Like the caterpillar, we too have an intuitive guidance system to inform the directions of the changes necessary to create ourselves anew. We can follow the beat of the inner pulsations that will lead us through the unknown terrain of transformation. What tends to hold us back? Doubt, fear, and resistance to the process of change. It can all seem overwhelming. Indeed, our current shape and functions need to be overhauled in order for our truest potential design to become manifest, rather than remaining only imaginal.

Looking to the caterpillar and to the butterfly we understand that while dramatic change may be terrifying, it is worth it! The birth of the butterfly is impossible without allowing total destruction of the caterpillar to occur. There are moments in that hardened casing of the chrysalis when its body liquifies into a black, shapeless goo. Nonetheless, through the marvel of metamorphosis, the same creature holds a continuous existence without an actual death when it comes out of its shell looking and acting entirely different, endowed with wonderful new capacities to soar higher.

Life is now providing a chrysalis for Humanity's remarkable Transformation. 


This phase we are undergoing, of converging social, emotional, economic, political, environmental, and physical health crises, is impacting us globally like nothing ever has before. We can no longer ignore our interconnected as a world-wide human family in multiple aspects of our daily lives. We all breathe the same air. The water that we use in our homes cycles back to the rivers, lakes, oceans and seas, making its way to trees and plants that supply us food and breath. The wise amongst us can see that we all depend upon each other, not only as people, but as mineral, plant, and animal kingdoms working together. This experience of marvelous inter-being is a mystery that calls for honoring all life. Decades ago, for the first time, we were able to see an image of our home planet from space, revealing clearly that there are no divisions except those that are man-made. More recently, due to advances in technology and travel, we've been able to connect virtually and in person almost everywhere across the globe. Visitors can find their way to and from even the most remote villages, bringing the world a sense of knowing itself more completely than possible in any previous era. This increase in awareness of who we are, as a global family, will have profound impact upon the next stages of our awakening, upon our conscious evolution, and upon our ability to consciously co-create our world.

What might happen if we put our trust and faith in a brilliant plan for the evolution of our humanity?

There has always been an underlying impulse of compassion driving civilization. Perhaps the uncertainty we find ourselves in at the present time is providing a critical juncture for learning how to truly care for ourselves in our entirety, as one Family of Creation. Perhaps it is time we will finally rally ourselves to wage peace across the face of the Earth, starting within our hearts and our relationships and continuing to extend that as far as we can reach. Could we be on the precipice of figuring out how to eradicate hunger and extreme poverty, end war, and assure clean air and water, shelter, and basic safety for all? 

Compassionate action is what defines civilization.   

When anthropologist Margaret Mead was asked what she considered the first sign of civilization in ancient culture, she identified an archeological finding from over 15,000 years ago of a fractured femur bone that showed evidence of having healed over. This discovery points to important clues about our ancestors helping each other. She explained:


"In the animal kingdom, if you break your leg, you die. You cannot run from danger,

get to the river for a drink or hunt for food. You are meat for prowling beasts.

No animal survives a broken leg long enough for the bone to heal.

A broken femur that has healed is evidence that someone has taken time to stay with the one who fell,

has bound up the wound, has carried the person to safety and has tended the person through recovery.

Helping someone else through difficulty is where civilization starts." 

~Margaret Mead

If helping someone else is where civilization begins, our hearts can delight at where we might be able to go as we return to the ancient understanding of the whole world as our kin and move forward together, not in conquest, rather in kindness. Are we ready to transform into the compassionate species we could be capable of, with our intelligence and resources aimed at cooperation and communion, now that the whole world is literally within our reach? 

The power of a New Human Story, based upon the Wisdom and Love of the Awakened Human Spirit, can inspire our imagination and ignite us into new types of action. As consciousness awakens within us, we can transform our world from the inside out, with every single one of us playing our unique and needful part. Indeed, this process is already underway.

With diligent care, we can steward ourselves along the next chapter of our journey of arising into the higher capacities of human-kindness. As we do so, we will see that at the heart of what we call "humanity" is an innate inclusion of all other life forms. This awareness has been severed from the viewpoint of modern mankind. Nonetheless, by the power of a profoundly wise design, this largely forgotten wholeness is held deeply within the vaults of our ancient re-membering.
It has been held in the unbroken stream of wisdom of those who have maintained the sacred threads of our indigenous interconnectedness with the Earth. These threads go beyond being ordinarily human, as we have conceived of ourselves thus far, leading us to dis-cover the extraordinary power of ourselves as true Human Beings. 

Project Evolve proposes a New Cultural Architecture to foster the Evolution of Humanity, by Nourishing the Human Spirit as the Foundation for Creating a More Beautiful World.

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