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Compassionate Presence Programs

For Inner Peace. For World Peace.

Inner peace flows from the Light we all have within.

World peace springs from that same root Source,

found within us and between us.

It is our task to dis-cover and share this Light.

Although we all have that inextinguishable Presence within,

we access it to varying degrees in any particular moment, depending on the extent of our awareness.

By bringing mindful attention to the micro-moments of

our lives, our innate love and intuition can naturally emerge. 

Tapping into our wells of inner "Presence"

reveals our true kinship with all of Life. Herein,

we discover the powerful truths of our existence.


This unfolding recognition of our Oneness helps us feel and form deeper connections in our human-human relationships,

as well as in our relationships with other kindred species.

Spiritual friendship of all kinds can bring strength, playfulness,

and vitality to our days as we improve planetary wellbeing.

Jenna combines her years of training and immersion in

mindfulness-based programs (such as MBSR), yogic

studies, and healing of individual and collective trauma,

with a passion for tapping into equine wisdom

for coming home to the deepest places within ourselves. 

When we are in touch with the depth of our Being,

conscious relating creates peaceful and trusting connection.


The core of this path to peace is the cultivation of awareness, or "Presence", so that we can develop

more harmonious, compassionate, and wise relationships with one another - across all species.

Project Evolve's Networks are forming to forward an
new paradigm of healing, deep-listening,
sovereignty, freedom and love, to transform how 
humans relate to other species, and thus to ourselves.


Services offered by the Collaborative Networks include:

one-on-one coaching, group courses,

ongoing community gatherings (currently online),

meditations, and retreats with our multi-species friends.

We have special place in our hearts for the equine and bovine beings who are here to help us transform our ways.

Members of the Collaboratives also gather to 
envision and develop 
holistic, global sanctuary networks founded on the basis of awakening to the conscious, compassionate Presence within and rippling that
compassion out into environments so we can
co-create a more beautiful world together. Join us!

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...with Compassion...

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