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Clock Gears

Collaborative Networks

for a New Cultural Architecture to Nourish the Human Spirit

Across the world, unworkable structures of so-called civilization are breaking down.
With the accessibility of global images and data at our fingertips, we see the drastic
impacts of wars and conflicts, fires, floods, draughts, 
disease, famine, water shortage, and habitat destruction on our fellow humans as well as animal and plant life.

These crises, as they crack us open, present profound opportunities
to create improvements in our civilizations, locally and globally. 


All at once, we are seeing the impact of increased pressure on long-standing
fissures in our societies, across domains such as health, economy,
agriculture & food distribution, education, 
infrastructure, community design, ecology, justice, public safety, social leadership, and social wellbeing.

Our eyes are opening to the crises related to habitat, soil, water, and air.
We are being shown our interdependence and our need to change our ways,
so that the beauty and abundance of our Earth can be preserved and enjoyed.

It is time for visionaries on the leading edge of humanity's awakening

 to conceive and implement new societal blueprints - centered around 

truly taking care of ourselves, one another, and our Earth.

In so doing, we can emerge stronger from this time of societal chrysalis.

For that purpose, Project Evolve has been formed with the intention of

Nourishing the Human Spirit as the Foundation for a More Beautiful World.

Within the Human Spirit, there lies a source of creative genius that can

take us beyond the current predicaments we have made for ourselves through the accumulation of unconsciousness having led the way for many generations.

From this deeper place - the wellspring of true creativity - we will  

be able to generate just and sustainable solutions to our 

current challenges, while accelerating our conscious evolution.

Communities can flourish as we synergize the talents, efforts, insights, ideas, projects, and resources of those who understand the foundational importance of creating our world from the infinite potential of our higher, unifying consciousness, rather than from the limits of our fragmented, conditioned, traumatized, and colonized minds. 

 We invite you to join Project Evolve's Collaborative Networking Sessions to empower inspired connections, systems development, and new steps forward. 

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