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On the Leading Edge of Civilization

For the first time in modern human history,

the entire world has paused...together.

Here we stand, in recognition that the designs of

our human systems require of an overhaul

in order to meet our human and planetary needs 

with true effectiveness, compassion, wisdom,

just-ness, and sustainability.

To better meet the cries of the world, 

we will need to pass through the current

phase of dismantling, re-imagining, and re-construction 

with tremendous determination and ingenuity.  

More than ever, those with visionary mindsets and courageous hearts need safe places to come

together in conversation and innovation-sharing, 

to imagine new possibilities for moving us forward.

We can only shape a more beautiful world

to the degree that we recognize that we are

the ones responsible for envisioning and creating it.

It is time to rise up and rally our best! 

If envisioning and co-creating a culture of

healing in relation with one another and thriving

in harmony with the natural world speaks to you...

We invite you to join Jenna Darko & colleagues in:

Conversation Hours for

Visionaries on the Leading Edge

Hosted by Project Evolve.

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