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Awakening the Human Spirit
Inspiring a New Human Story
Evolving Our Humanity


Within each of us, there is a palpable longing for purpose. 
As if  
something beyond us whispers a call... We sense that if we can

hear it clearly enough, see it vividly enough, feel it tangibly enough, we will

be able to bring something distinct and needful forward into this world.

It is this mysterious dance, of knowing and not-quite-knowing,

that allows an extraordinary power to manifest both

unique purpose and universal purpose through our ordinary lives

Part of my purpose is to help others bring their gifts and dreams more fully to life.

Together, we can evolve our humanity into its higher purpose.

That is, to know ourselves as the Light of the World, the Heart of the World.

By the power of that luminous recognition, it is possible to co-create 

our world with an infusion of Love and Wisdom beyond compare. 

In this participation, we can live in far greater measure of Heaven on Earth 

than we have yet to realize. The transformation our world longs for

will be accomplished as compassion is enlivened through our

awakened human hearts, voices, hands, and actions.

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