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Awakening the Human Spirit
Inspiring a New Human Story
Evolving Our Humanity


Within each of us, there is a palpable longing for purpose. 
As if  
something beyond us whispers a call... We sense that if we can

hear clearly enough, see vividly enough, feel tangibly enough, we will

be able to bring something distinct and needful into this world.

It is this mysterious dance, of knowing and not-quite-knowing,

that allows an extraordinary power to manifest both

universal purpose and unique purpose through our ordinary lives

Part of my purpose is to help others bring their gifts and dreams more fully to life.

Together, we can evolve our humanity into its higher purpose.

That is, to know ourselves as the Light of the World, as the Heart of the World.

By the power of that luminous recognition, it is possible to co-create 

our world with an infusion of Love and Wisdom beyond compare. 

In this participation, we can live in far greater measure of Heaven on Earth 

than we have yet to realize. The transformation our world longs for

will be accomplished as compassion is enlivened through our

awakened human hearts, voices, hands, and actions.

Sacred Activism 

Jenna Darko advocates for peace and cultural change through the lenses of compassion and social justice, according to a vision of planetary healing based on honoring the sovereignty of all life. She has trained in Peace Literacy, under the umbrella of the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize winning International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN). Her current work is sponsored by Pathways To Peace, a United Nations designated peace messenger organization. Through Pathways To Peace, she has presented as a panelist on the United Nations Commission of the Status of Women, reflective of her focus on uplifting the feminine force which flows through all persons, as a force of universal care and nurturance which is greatly needed for the mending of the world.

Jenna partners in building a Culture of Peace via various initiatives and efforts involving our human family in conjunction with the Animal Kingdom. At the core, her approach to Sacred Activism is to help humankind remember and fulfill their role in the Circle of Life at this time of The Great Turning, as coined by elder and revolutionary thinker Joanna Macy, in reference to the essential adventure of our time being to turn from an Industrial Growth Society into Life Sustaining Civilizations. Jenna reveres all of our Planetary Kin as holders of vast reservoirs of intelligence sufficient to help humankind make a massive shift out of the current chaos towards greater harmony as we stand between Epochs of Time.  


Her message to the world is that as we come to know our Oneness, we will be able to overcome the illusion of separateness which has divided us for many generations, and thus, we can finally come together as a unified human family to co-create our world in communion with animal, plant, mineral, and elemental life. Her activism is a type of midwifery for planetary rebirth, with the perspective that the current sufferings of humankind are contractions designed to give new life to what it means to be truly human and humane. She believes we are standing on the brink of a crowning accomplishment of great beauty, truth, and love upon this Earth that we all call home.

Jenna Darko comes from a different vantage point than most film-writers, having spent the first two decades of her academic and professional life within the field of psychology, specializing in trauma recovery, suicide prevention, and couples work. After accumulating tens of thousands of hours sitting deeply with people who have experienced some of the greatest pains of the world - from survivors of sexual assault, to soldiers of war, to adults who endured childhood in the conditions of genocide - she literally got up off her meditation cushion one morning with the distinct knowing that her time in one-on-one compassion work would be replaced with global advocacy for cultural change through messaging on the big screen. As she gave an inward nod to this revelation of new purpose and also hesitantly wondered how she would ever do such an unanticipated thing. This question was met by sweet reassurance that all that would be required would be to "pay close attention to life as it unfolds and it will be written for you" and to live with total devotion to the process.

Jenna's affirmative answer to this sense of calling for film-scripting swept her life clear and invited her into a series of soul-searching adventures, in order to position her to write a New Mythos to Awaken the Human Spirit as the Foundation for Creating a More Beautiful World and Realizing the Human Potential. That potential is to know ourselves as a species capable of living in the peace and abundance that is our birthright on this Garden Planet. The Phoenix Rose Film Series is her work-in-progress for this purpose.


A decade after beginning to write, Jenna discovered that in the Prosperity Sequence in the Gene Keys spiritual path of personal development, the sphere of vocation in her profile is denoted as "a Scriptwriter", giving her peace and affirmation in these efforts. 

Equine Inspiration

As a symbol of spirit, consciousness, presence, the senses, and a bridge between heaven and earth, The Horse has served as inspiration to humanity as long as human memory has recorded its impressions on cave walls and in oral teachings. All we need to do is lay eyes on a free horse, whether in stunning stillness or in majestic flight, and we can sense that there is a Presence within them that speaks directly to the Presence within us. Undeniably, there is something they gift us about what it means to be Spirit moving within this World.


Author Ulrich Raulff asks, in his book Farewell to the Horse: a cultural history, what is to be their place in society after their physical horse power has furthered our methods of war, agriculture, transportation, communication, and industry? Jenna Darko believes that most of modern humanity has not even begun to scratch the surface of what our ancestors comprehended and foreshadowed about true horse power in teaching humankind about kindness, sovereignty, interconnectedness, the purpose of life, and the way of freedom.

There is a momentum underway of many people worldwide beginning to tune into this evolutionary energy between horses and humans. This holds great potential for helping humanity decolonize the collective mind via letting go of habitual means of force, control, domination, and subjugation. Only by such a letting go can we come into true communion, based on sovereignty and honesty in how we relate to one another moment-by-moment.   Perhaps no other figure in the Animal Kingdom has been simultaneously so adored and so oppressed by the ignorance of humanity than the horse. If we are willing to face the refining fire offered by the invitation to reckon with this contradiction, it makes the horse a fierce companion for our unwinding of the falsity that stands within us, until only pure intent and wholesome interaction may remain. If we can extend that purity of intent and action into all of our relations, then we can truly set ourselves and each other free. By learning to walk together on equal ground, humankind can remember its place in the Circle of Life. For Jenna, The Horse serves as her greatest muse and companion in the process of writing The Phoenix Rose, a four-part epic film series aimed at inspiring and catalyzing the Journey of the Phoenix within individuals, communities, the whole human family, and the entire planet. ​ The particular horses who have taught her the most are the two full siblings who walk beside her today, Phoenix Rose and Amiga, along with their late mother who was Jenna's first experience of love at first sight at the age of eleven. These horses are descendants on all four corners of their pedigree of ancestors who were in the United States Government Morgan Horse Breeding Program during the era of the Cavalry. They carry wisdom threads from those in their lineage who served (forcibly) on both sides of the Civil War and also in extermination strategies in the genocide of the Original Peoples on the North American Continent. Their DNA traces to Europe and the Middle East. Across the generations, these horses and their people traversed deserts, mountains, oceans, and plains, whispering tales of where people have been and how we have treated each other along the way. To one who listens closely, they give us hints of where humanity could be going in partnership with The Horse, if we are willing to wake up to how we have treated each other in comparison to how we truly want to be in our relationships one with another upon this bounteous Earth.

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