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Awakening the Human Spirit
Inspiring a New Human Story
Evolving Our Humanity

Within each of us, there is a palpable longing for purpose. 
As if  
something beyond us whispers a call... We sense that if we can

hear clearly enough, see vividly enough, feel tangibly enough, we will

be able to bring something distinct and needful into this world.

It is this mysterious dance, of knowing and not-quite-knowing,

that allows an extraordinary power to manifest both

universal purpose and unique purpose through our ordinary lives

Part of my purpose is to help others bring their gifts and dreams more fully to life.

Together, we can evolve our humanity into its higher purpose.

That is, to know ourselves as the Light of the World, the Heart of the World.

By the power of that luminous recognition, it is possible to co-create 

our world with an infusion of Love and Wisdom beyond compare. 

In this participation, we can live in far greater measure of Heaven on Earth 

than we have yet to realize. The transformation our world longs for

will be accomplished as compassion is enlivened through our

awakened human hearts, voices, hands, and actions.


Sacred Activism 

Jenna Darko advocates for peace and cultural change through the lenses of compassion and social justice, with a vision of planetary healing. She has trained in Peace Literacy, under the umbrella of the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize winning International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN). Her current work is sponsored by Pathways To Peace, a United Nations designated peace messenger organization, as she partners in building a Culture of Peace via various initiatives and efforts involving our human family along with the animal and plant kingdoms. She believes that our Planetary Kin - of all kinds - hold reservoirs of vast wisdom and intelligence, sufficient to bring about a massive shift towards greater harmony out of the current chaos we are facing through an impending transition between epochs of time upon the Earth. She has been a panelist at the UN Commission on the Status of Women, reflective of her focus on uplifting the divine feminine force of universal caring which is seeded within all persons and is a necessary ingredient for healing at this time of tremendous suffering around the globe.

Film Writing

Jenna Darko comes from a different vantage point than most film-writers, having spent the first two decades of her academic and professional life within the field of psychology, specializing in trauma recovery, suicide prevention, and couples work. After accumulating tens of thousands of hours sitting deeply with people who have experienced some of the greatest pains of the world - from survivors of sexual assault, to soldiers of war, to adults who had endured childhood in the conditions of genocide - she literally got up off her meditation cushion one morning with the distinct knowing that her time in one-on-one compassion work would be replaced with globe-wide advocacy for cultural change through messaging on the big screen. Her affirmative answer to this sense of calling swept her life clear in order to position her to write a New Mythos to Awaken the Human Spirit as the Foundation for Creating a More Beautiful World through Realizing the Human Potential. That potential is to know ourselves as a species capable of living in the peace and abundance that is our birthright on this Garden Planet. As a symbol of sovereignty, spirit, consciousness, majesty, and a bridge between heaven and earth, the Horse serves as her greatest muse and companion in the process of writing The Phoenix Rose, a four-part epic series aimed at inspiring and catalyzing the journey of the Phoenix within individuals, communities, the whole human family, and the entire planet.

Zebras in Wild

Equine Inspiration

The Horse has served as inspiration to humanity as long as 

Yoga by the Ocean


The Key to unlocking the highest Human Potential is found in aligning mind, body, and spirit such that the individuated mind becomes a flow-through point for the universal mind, the personal body is illuminated with the light of awareness of the body of the entire universe, and the soul becomes ignited with the limitless power of the unified Spirit of All Life. 

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